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Which Lairdship Schemes Respond to Email and How Quickly


Who’re active? Who’re out walking in the highlands? Who get lost in the mist? Image via Wikipedia We decided to do an email survey of the lairdship schemes we have already reviewed, and the results have been very very interesting. We can now say that, Lochaber Highland Estates, Moon Estates  and Scottish Highland Titles […]

Scottish Laird: Laird of Dunans Castle and Chaol Ghleann


Image via Wikipedia Price: £24+ Title: Laird, Lord or Lady of Dunans Castle and Chaol Ghleann Website: and Payment: Paypal and Google Checkout Dunans Castle is a castle, a ruined one, but a castle nevertheless and the owners, the Dixon-Spains, are selling lairdships as a way of helping with the restoration. As you […]