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Just who runs these Highland Titles?


Are they all based in Scotland? You’d think wouldn’t you? Image via Wikipedia … and where are they based? You’d think that these laird and lady schemes would benefit folk in Scotland, wouldn’t you? You’d think they’d be run by the laird himself or herself surely? Maybe benefit the local community, support the economy or […]

Which Lairdship Schemes Respond to Email and How Quickly


Who’re active? Who’re out walking in the highlands? Who get lost in the mist? Image via Wikipedia We decided to do an email survey of the lairdship schemes we have already reviewed, and the results have been very very interesting. We can now say that, Lochaber Highland Estates, Moon Estates  and Scottish Highland Titles […]

Get our “Reviewed by Button”


If you would like to announce to your lairds, ladies, lords and visitors that you have been reviewed by one square foot, please paste the following code into your website somewhere! <a href = “” title = “We’ve been reviewed by” target = “_blank”> <img src = “”> </a> Sphere: Related Content

Highland Heritage Services: Laird of Glenmore and Kingsdale


  Price: £29.95+ Title: Laird or Lady of Glenmore and Laird or Lady of Kingsdale Website: and Payment: Credit Cards Two titles from the far flung Isle of Sanday in the Orkneys from Highland Heritage Services run by Tom Canavan. We’re not sure what the unique selling point is here, aside from the […]

Sonachan Hotel: Laird of Kincavel


Image via Wikipedia Price: £19.90+ Title: Laird or Lady of Kincavel Website: Payment: Various If any of the lairdships reviewed on this website is to be considered the ‘Big Beast’ of the industry, then Laird of Kincavel might take the laurels. Our generic search brought up the title on the site, which seems […]

Scottish Laird: Laird of Dunans Castle and Chaol Ghleann


Image via Wikipedia Price: £24+ Title: Laird, Lord or Lady of Dunans Castle and Chaol Ghleann Website: and Payment: Paypal and Google Checkout Dunans Castle is a castle, a ruined one, but a castle nevertheless and the owners, the Dixon-Spains, are selling lairdships as a way of helping with the restoration. As you […]

Instant Royalty: Laird or Lady of Jura


Image via Wikipedia Price: $97+ Title: Lord, Laird or Lady of Jura Website: / Payment: No idea, fatigue set in. When the Duke of Argyll‘s Scottish residence, Inveraray Castle, is used in a header image for a site which is selling lairdships from an island some three hour’s journey from the building, alarm bells […]

Select Titles: Laird, Lord or Lady of Tattingstone


View Larger Map Price: £29+ Title: Lord, Laird or Lady of Tattingstone Website: Payment: Credit Cards We like this one. Or rather it made us chuckle. Alot. You see one of the things about the Lairds‘ schemes is that they are Scottish. Well, they have to be don’t they? Laird is a Scottish term […]

Scottish Land Sales: Laird of Bandrum


  Price: £29.95+ Title: Laird or Lady of Bandrum Website: Payment: Paypal & Credit Cards There’s lots to like about the Scottish Land Sales site: it is straightforward, easy to navigate and looks very Scottish. Like Lochaber Highland Estates (reviewed here) Liz and Sandy Dean actually identify the parcel of land which Lairds and […]

Lochaber Highland Estates: Laird of Lochaber


Price: £29.99+ Title: Laird, Lord or Lady of Lochaber Website: Payment: Credit Cards A very professional offering. By concentrating on one title, offering accommodation and discounts on country club membership, Lochaber Highland Estates immediately strikes the prospective customer as the real deal. Unlike Scottish Highland Titles (see our review here), the people behind this […]

Scottish Highland Titles: Glencairn, Glencrannog & John O’Groats


Price: £24.99 + Titles: Laird or Lady of Glencairn, Laird or Lady of John O’Groats, Laird or Lady of Glencrannog Est. 1983 Website: & Payment: PayPal Also marketed through All three titles sold by Scottish Highland Titles come with certificates, map and directions on how to find your square foot of land, […]