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The Ideal Christmas Gift: A Scottish Lairdship

The lairdship schemes we have reviewed on this site sell in all sorts of different online outlets to all sorts of niche markets. However, Christmas must be considered the Big One for all of these companies when Mister or Missus decides she or he can make his or her gift this year a little more prestigious by upgrading their common-or-garden title. And this idea is what sells lairdships in the main, increasing one’s personal prestige. There’s no doubt being called Laird Norman Normal is infinitely more impressive that being addressed as Mr Norman Normal or even plain Norm Normal.

Even then, there seems to us to be a level of tongue-in-cheekery with some of these products, afterall the claims are sometimes completely overdone. We’re particularly fond of Instant Royalty 2 stars (reviewed here) et al. who claim that having a title means that you get preferential treatment (read for the contrary view), but we’re not sure but that there might not be a little irony tucked away in there. There must be surely?

No-one, not least 4.0 stars (reviewed here) who point this out in their terms, is claiming that the purchaser will ascend into the ranks of the aristocracy. No, this gift is a way for spouses, children, grandchildren, friends, other family and the wider world, to say to the recipient,

“Actually we think you are a very special person, and to honour you we have decided to purchase a title for you. This title may not give you access to the aristocracy, but to us you are our aristocracy!”

Nice sentiment eh? This we think is the reason Lairdships are such an ideal Christmas Gift – and something like that was written in the card when we were given such a gift a while back – we were touched.

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