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Highland Heritage Services: Laird of Glenmore and Kingsdale

Aerial view of the east coast of Sanday

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Price: £29.95+
Title: Laird or Lady of Glenmore and Laird or Lady of Kingsdale
Website: and
Payment: Credit Cards

Two titles from the far flung Isle of Sanday in the Orkneys from Highland Heritage Services run by Tom Canavan. We’re not sure what the unique selling point is here, aside from the fact that the plots of land are in the Orkneys – the offering is fairly standard fare. You get your deed, your information pack, a plan showing where your plot is and a map of the island, if you should decide to visit — it all looks exactly as it should.

And that is about it. Highland Heritage Services nearly go down the very long-winded route of Instant Royalty on their homepage and give us all the usual reasons why a lairdship is a great present (for oneself, one’s relations, one’s friends, one’s colleagues), but they don’t (and we can’t figure out why) give us any reasons to buy this product over all the others on the markets. It almost feels as if the vendors feel these two titles stand alone in their own market without competitors.

Sanday will have, we have no doubt, all sorts of human stories, all sorts of wildlife stories, all sorts of ecological stories which might feed into the lairdships, make them more exciting, more buyable, but instead we have this rather flat, workaday website. This might be caused by any number of things, but we would certainly feel alot more involved in the offering if we had pictures of the Laird’s area or even the vendors, both of which appear in the Laird of Bandrum package (reviewed here).

To drive home this feeling of letdown that we were feeling with this, we then found the picture we’ve included with this review — look at it, this is utter gorgeousness, its windswept and its isolated, who wouldn’t want to own a piece of this?

OSF rating: 1.5 stars

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