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Instant Royalty: Laird or Lady of Jura

Inveraray Castle
Image via Wikipedia

Price: $97+
Title: Lord, Laird or Lady of Jura
Website: /
Payment: No idea, fatigue set in.

When the Duke of Argyll‘s Scottish residence, Inveraray Castle, is used in a header image for a site which is selling lairdships from an island some three hour’s journey from the building, alarm bells begin to ring.

Of all the lairdship websites selling these titles, Ron Thomson’s is the hardest sell. Not only do we have a title which indicates the purchaser of the title laird ascends the many-tiered levels of the aristocracy to attain its apotheosis of King or Queen, but that once invested with said title, all sorts of doors and opportunities open themselves to the newly entitled.

Then we have the style of the site, used mostly for sales of e-books and e-courses and e-everything-else, wherein the reader is drawn down the page by a series of teaser statements. In this case there’s alot in the blurb to engage with the reader, and certainly the lovely Isle of Jura is well-served by Ron’s purple prose and his photographs. This is attractive to any reader, however, the rest of it leaves us cold, especially the explanations about the act of union between England and Scotland and its relevance to the use of the term Laird. So Ron is named and we like that he takes ownership of the scheme, and this personalisation is worth alot, except we think this personal touch is undermined because of the way that it is used to sell.

Satellite picture of Jura
Image via Wikipedia

We clicked Click here NOW! and found ourselves with another interminable column of verbiage. Really this was most off-putting. However we persevered. This Unique Gift is finally revealed in a lo-res pic, and we find three pieces of paper and a frame — the latter isn’t part of the deal. This is not as impressive as any of the other reviewed products.

However, there is a silver lining which made us pause. There’s apparently a two-monthly estate manager’s report informing lairds and ladies about what is happening in the area around the plots. This item alone is definitely worth a star, but we can’t say is raises the offering above two — we’d be much happier with this if the header was changed and we could see where the land was situated, as well as read some of the sample reports, or even abstracts of them. We’d also prefer it if the currency was in GBP with a link to a currency converter if necessary.

OSF rating: 2 stars

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