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Lochaber Highland Estates: Laird of Lochaber

Price: £29.99+
Title: Laird, Lord or Lady of Lochaber
Payment: Credit Cards

A very professional offering. By concentrating on one title, offering accommodation and discounts on country club membership, Lochaber Highland Estates immediately strikes the prospective customer as the real deal. Unlike Scottish Highland Titles (see our review here), the people behind this site have realised that as much specific information as possible is needed prior to sale. So we have a neat map which drills down to a square kilometre showing the area where land is available for purchase:

Location of land at Lochaber Highland Estates

Location of land at Lochaber Highland Estates


and we also have clearly identified photos. This is good. We also like the idea of the country club to give lairds, lords and ladies the opportunity to pursue lairdly activities like fishing and shooting (clay pigeons only).

The package itself starts at £29.99 and increases to £499.99 for 1000 square feet. via plots of 10 and 100 ft2. Each of the four packages includes some or all of the following:

  • Plot of beautiful unspoilt countryside extending to the size selected (2 Plots in Joint Pack)
  • The title of Laird, Lord or Lady of Lochaber
  • A high quality, full colour, gift folder containing all your document
  • A personal letter of introduction to the new owner from the Laird
  • A legal title deed, signed & sealed by Lochaber Highland Estates, on velum parchment
  • A legal title deed, signed & sealed by Lochaber Highland Estates, on velum parchment supplied framed in a wooden picture frame.
  • A map of Lairds Wood & directions. Instructions on how to visit & find your personal plot.
  • A credit card sized proof of title card with signature strip
  • Information & pictures of Lairds Wood & our conservation project
  • Information & pictures of Lochaber, Scotland
  • Right to use the exclusively designed Lochaber Highland Estates Crest
  • A glossy 6” x 4.5” photograph taken from your estate
  • A glossy 10” x 8” photograph taken from your estate
  • Lifetime access to Keil Hill (backing onto Lairds Wood) & use of the footpaths across the entire 2000 acre estate
  • A bumper sticker for you to proudly display your new status
  • Pedestrian access to our conservation area & the Lairds Lochan
  • Access to beautifully crafted Laird’s, Lord’s or Lady’s stationery, with letterheads, compliment slips, & business cards all available
  • The right to camp on Keil Hill wherever & whenever you want with no restrictions
  • A native broadleaf tree planted in your honour in Laird’s Wood, including certificate of planting
  • A 20 minute DVD shot on location in Lochaber featuring 5 short films that illustrate the beauty of Lochaber – set to traditional Scottish music

Again, this offering has much to say about conserving the native woodlands of Scotland, and alludes to a more proactive land management plan than that of Scottish Highland Titles. Indeed, plantings were made in 1992 of native broadleaf trees which is great to know about, as well as the option to get trees planted in honour of lairds and ladies. Interestingly the website also talks of ownership by many lairds being a way of preserving the landscape – this would be aside from the local council’s strategic planning review which no doubt would also protect such areas of natural beauty from the predations of local developers.

The only other minor gripes are the ecommerce or payment solution and the location of the company running the scheme. In terms of the e-commerce, while Comodo are perfectly respectable and deliver an industry-standard service, the over-bearing use of Trust Guard logos has the effect, not of reassuring the visitor, but making them more paranoid. The location is odd, as the operation is run from the Channel Islands: Lochaber Highland Estates are not Scottish then, nor for the benefit of Scots. Interesting.

Despite these reservations, Lochaber Highland Estates’ offering has an excellent set of options for anyone wanting to be a laird, lord or lady.

osf rating: 4.5 stars

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  1. Lochaber Highland


    I am writing from Lochaber Highland Estates, first to thank you for a considered review of the various offerings in this category and secondly to give you some additional information about us. Before doing so, let me tell you that on your advise we have removed the Trust Seals (which I never liked anyway). Thank you

    You appeared critical of our location in the Channel Islands. I am a Channel Islander and my wife is a Scot (McGregor). I have always loved Scotland and when I left New York to retire from academic life in 2002 we bought a small estate near Fort William (Tulloch) in addition to my house in the Channel Islands. For the next few years we spent most of our time in Scotland. My teenage children went to Lochaber High School and on to further education in Scotland. They still live in Scotland though they are not often in Tulloch now.

    So when I had to decide where to locate the Lochaber Highland Estates office, I had a difficult choice to make and I chose the Channel Islands for many reasons. But.. I do live in Scotland and consider myself Scottish, both by marriage and by the fact that I live there for part of the year. I wear the McGregor kilt and dance the Gay Gordons badly in the local ceilidhs. I own Tulloch and have planted several woods there mainly from my own resources. Lochaber Highland Estates owns Keil Hill and we are actively restoring the native woodland. We are currently improving the access to the hill for cyclists, horse riders and walkers with the creation of a forest track which will join the southern road access to the northern road access. My original training was as a Zoologist and I love the knowledge that I am doing my bit to replace barren Sitka woodland with mixed deciduous woodland, both at Keil Hill and in time at other locations.

    Well thank you for reading this far. This is not intended to be critical of your excellent site, but an explanation that what might appear simple is infact more complex.

    Lang may yer lum reek


    Posted on 13-Aug-09 at 11:00 am | Permalink
  2. John s Brown

    When we purchased this small plot for our son we understood that you would be building lodges but there is no sign of them yet. Can you please tell us if you are building them or is there accommodation and dining in the country club

    Posted on 14-Oct-10 at 1:40 pm | Permalink
  3. Do you have any plots for sale. If so, please what size and at what cost. In addition, I am led to believe that this title gives access to the property river/steam for trout fishing. Could you please verify this for me and any associated detail.


    Hugh Born

    Posted on 18-Dec-10 at 11:17 am | Permalink

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