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Scottish Titles on Google

To find out about sites and businesses marketing the title laird over the internet we began by using the search term “scottish title”. With over 490,000 hits you might think this is a fairly crowded market place, we’re not so sure, and over the next few months will be examining the offerings in detail.

Some questions raise themselves immediately:

  • Are these titles simple money-making exercises, designed to take as much money as possible for as little investment as possible?
  • Do these titles contribute to the local economy? And who owns and runs these projects?
  • Can newly minted lairds and ladies visit their plots, and how easy is access?
  • Where are the plots, and how many have each operation sold? Which are the most exclusive?
  • What other benefits do lairds and ladies get?
  • How do prices compare across the market?
  • Who has been buying these titles and what do they expect from their titles?
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